Thursday, June 7, 2018

Going back to the old look

We're going back to the classic look. We're too lazy to say anything.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A discord server... wat???

Alright, hi, we got a discord. Its not Hatman42 Discord or some crap. Its the PLACES discord!
The discord is different, its about roblox and some game: Places. So if you dont play ROBLOX, your quite not gonna join this server.

Q: Shut up and give me my link. A: Okay, okay fine, the link is here.
Q: Why was this server made? A: If you didnt know what places is, its a roblox game where you hangout and have fun. Simple.

And, if you dont use discord, join it by clicking this.

Thats what we have right now. So have a nice day, bye!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Remix 3D models I made!

So today, I did something different... Downloading the windows 10 creators update, and then I downloaded Paint 3D into my desktop and I made couple of models in remix 3D.
This update is the best windows 10 update I ever seen, like seriously, 3D is easier for me now.
But you know, you wanna see what Remix 3D models I made? Welp, check em out.
My remix 3D models from my Remix 3D profile!
If you saw them, you may like my models I made,
One is an emoji construction worker, second is an penguin, third is an burger being happy, and much more! Its been like yesterday, and I made like, A TON OF MODELS! But not too much... Just seven... In the future it may be like EVEN MORE!!! Okay lets just calm down. So I guess this is the end of the post, so stay tuned, and see ya, next time.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

An fun music video I made,

I was bored for an second, so I said, what should I do. So I got my ipad, opened GarageBand, and I made a new song with it, I played the piano and this is what I played. It was an cool 8 bit song, it wasnt an grand piano, it was an Arcade Synth. Like it, huh? You may do, but it is cool, Alright, this is all the song is about. Oh wait, the reason why the song is 18 seconds long is because I forgot to record it after 18 seconds, which sucks, but I hope you have an great easter, see you soon! -Hatman42

Sunday, March 26, 2017

New layout!

We have changed our layout - old blogspot theme > new looking blogspot themes. Its a great layout to see, right? Just did an couple of changes, pretty good I think. Also, today is an great day (of course it is tho) so we changed the layout of our blogspot that google released for blogspot themes, all I did is just select one of the new themes, change the html so the picture of mountains are changed to my profile picture instead so it fits my style. HTML isnt easy btw, you just type in thousands of line of code. But I like coding! I'm learning lua coding, nothing else but yeah, just one, relaxing, cool, theme. We hope you like the new layout AND PEACE OUT!

An stream happened in our youtube channel.

The stream was great, we had fun, yes of course, was great.

If you wanna go to our youtube channel, go here! By the way, hit that big Subscribe button for latest videos or streams, sometime, an stream or video might be streamed or posted in our channel, we are active in our youtube channel, we post a lot, so thanks for ALL of your support, I like it so much, and again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I hope I post more videos/streams in the future because you quite like me and my videos, so yeah, and AGAIINNNN... THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except it was louder joyed with excitement, I think were probably done here, so thank you, and have a nice day. Bye!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Some ROBLOX gear codes.

Hi guys or girls, today is something different...
We will be putting ROBLOX gear codes here you can use on admin games or on your game if your admin on your game.

Telewarp: 97311482
Laser Finger Pointers: 115377964
Speed Coil: 99119158
Gravity Coil: 16688968
Disguise-to-Go Watch: 549915884
Exponential Rocket Launcher: 90718505
Dubstep Boombox: 84417281
Light Face Melting Guitar: 135472231
Sword of the Bright Knight: 135518721
Hyperbike: 130113061
Hyperlaser: 130113146
Trilaser Bow: 130112971
Seranoks Golden Chalice of Fame: 124126528
Super Tone Cape: 130925426
Groundhogger: 105351720
Hallo Cycle: 132789698

Regeneration Coil: 119101539
Remote Mine: 33383241
RC Tank: 83021197
More gears coming soon!